Thursday 6 November 2014

Volunteer of the year

I'm sure it's bad form to have favourites with volunteers... so gotta be even worse to choose one who is related to me!

My most consistent ecological assistant (as in consistently late, consistently questioning, consistently disappearing off around the corner) is my mum, who started coming out with me to give a hand with Dormouse box checks in early 2012. 
   Perhaps through a sense of obligation (or coercion), Sue has been unafraid to get stuck in with checking reptile refugia, cleaning out nest boxes, measuring crayfish, repairing my torn malaise trap and generally acting as an endless supplier of pens which I love to drop in field. Ordinarily adorned in in sky-blue, I am incredibly lucky to have such a tireless side-kick for the days when I've seen enough Signal Crayfish to last 3 lifetimes. 

Moth trapping

Bat box checks

Small mammal surveying

She tends to take the habitat works less than seriously...

And the reason for this blatant nepotism? Well today it is Sue's birthday... and its a big one too! So how does she choose to spend it? Why, in the field with two of her favourite kids of course!!

Megan, my bro Joe, the Mother of all Bickers and myself

Without my mum (and a little involvement from my dad I guess), I would not even be here, let alone working on this project. So thanks Mum, please keep up the great work!

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