Wednesday 10 December 2014

Gatwick Airport wins The Wildlife Trusts Biodiversity Benchmark Award

We've done it!!!

This award means that Gatwick Airport has been formally recognised for protecting and enhancing its landholdings for wildlife, including some areas of remarkable biodiversity. Many challenges have been overcome regarding habitat management around such a busy aerodrome, but we have shown that where there's a will, there's a way for humans to work with nature.
   Winning this award has been a collective effort, bringing together many different people from the airport and wider areas, combing skills, knowledge and a passion for wildlife. There are so many to thank and our list of all those involved continues to grow. The group photo below is from the wildlife recording event we hosted back in summer 2014, which includes a very small subset of those working behind the scenes. Just to say a huge THANK YOU to absolutely everyone over the years, whatever the capacity of your involvement.
   Here's to the future of Biodiversity at Gatwick!

Gatwick Wildlife Recording Day - August 2014

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