Monday 30 January 2017

Biodiversity sites in winter

(Filler-post alert!)

I've said before how differently I feel about winter since seeing our sites through the full cycle of seasons. When life goes back into the ground, everything takes an essential break to recuperate and replenish, readying for the kick-off again in the new breeding season. That gives us humans the time to restock, set out new goals, complete heavy-duty habitat works, tidy the piles of brash, clean out nest boxes, repair equipment and, of course, consume a copious amount of coffee and biscuits on the sites without too much disturbance to the wildlife.
  Here are a few shots of our biodiversity sites on the coldest and most peaceful days.

Grassland in the North West Zone

Wetland plants, North West Zone

Spring is just around the corner in the North of Brockley Wood

The River Mole, North West Zone

Gatwick Stream flood attenuation area, Land East

Rolls Field, Land East

The clearing in Goat Meadow, Land East

The Gatsbee Apiary, Land East

Ashley's Field, Land East

Ashley's Field

Roe Deer tracks

Red Fox print

Rabbit tracks

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