Sunday 3 September 2017

Base-of-the-Tree cam

With the help of our regular ecology volunteers Luke, Jason and Connor, I've been maintaining a trail camera network around the biodiversity areas. There's a favourite old English Oak near the Gatwick Stream with an old burrow at its base. Maybe not as tense as an episode of Game of Thrones, but a lot goes on at this remote spot.
(The clips work better with your speakers on.)

Wood Mouse spooked by Tawny Owl calling

Male Roe Deer

 Indecisive Rabbit and Great Spotted Woodpecker calling

Female Roe Deer eating something alarmingly crunchy

Female Roe again, sniffing camera. Distant Tawny calling and Herring Gulls

Nervous Rabbits and a car alarm sounding closer than it is

 Male Roe Deer breaking the third wall

Jay and Magpie, partners in crime

Wood Mouse acrobatics

(Camera is Ltl Acorn 5210a supplied by NatureSpy)

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