Thursday 27 April 2023

Gatwick Airport's Annual Biodiversity Review 2022

Below is a link to the Gatwick Biodiversity Annual Review 2022; quite a late one this year but there has been so much to report on, a whole 16 pages longer than last year’s! A huge thank you to our ecology surveying team, our amazing volunteers and our Gatwick colleagues who make all of the good stuff happen on the ground.

This year we have bid a fond farewell to two stalwarts from the project; Tom Errett (Environment Advisor with Gatwick’s Environment Team, joined in 2015) and Tom Simpson (Gatwick’s Project Officer from the Gatwick Greenspace Partnership, joined in 2013). We are incredibly grateful for all their hard work in shaping Gatwick’s biodiversity project over the years, and they are leaving it in very good stead. They are not going far and we will be keeping in touch!

2022 Annual Biodiversity Review

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